Summer’s Last Hurrah

  • Jun 21, 2019

For our last taste of summer this year, we took a trip to Outer Banks, North Carolina. Met with the island’s infamous wild weather, we split our time between the beach and pool. How do you keep wiggly toddlers from tracking sand into the pool? The sand-less towel by Pro-Towel! The sand-less towel resembles a golfing towel, rolling up into a perfectly manageable size and coming with it’s own tote bag. Although its not big enough for an adult, it worked well for small children. Because of it’s dense weave, even when wet the towel didn’t pick up sand when tossed onto the beach or the back of a beach chair. Once dry, any clinging sand was easy to brush off or shake out. The features I liked most was the towel’s small portable size, the tote bag for catching other things and how it didn’t carry sand into the beach house like most cotton or terry towels. Although too small to wrap an adult with, this towel would be great for small kids, as a handy thing to grab on a boat or to wipe away sweat on the golf course. Check out Pro-Towel’s website for ideas about colors and imprint possibilities!

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